Geotech - Who We Are

Géotech - A Geo-Engineering Company

Géotech has been providing geo-engineering solutions to cities and utility companies in France and around the world since 1989. Its tools allow for the creation, maintenance and exploitation of large region maps, as well as localized plans, with CAD precision and advanced asset data models.

ViSit Anywhere - The Best Tool for Utilities Networks

ViSit Anywhere is the latest platform provided by Géotech for managing geo-spatial information. It features a unique disconnected editing model that ensures that any user can access any piece of information at any time and have his edits integrated with those of other users in a simple and timely manner. It provides a modern, familiar user interface that allows user to access and edit data in a manner that is simple and intuitive. Advanced users also appreciate the many robust extension points that allow the product to be easily tailored to the exact need of a particular geo-engineering problem.

ViSit Anywhere Portal - Take Control of Your Tools

The site ( provides a centralized collaboration point where users can share revisions, project archives and error bundles. It also provides a way for organizational administrators to manage the ViSit Anywhere licenses and to monitor the progress of their users and projects.