Expand Your Horizons with Géotech's ViSit Anywhere GIS Tools

Business Focused

Adapting the GIS to needs of your business for maximum benefits!


Designed to deliver information directly to those who need it!

Easy to Use

Fits the skills and needs of each user and business group!

Electrical Networks

Géotech is q leader in providing specialized environments for managing topological electrical networks. In addition, providing toplogical asset management, we also provide modules schematic networks, electrical modeling, financial asset management and tools for continous service delivery.

Water and Waste Water

ViSit Anywhere provides a standardized tools for managing water and waste water networks, including tracing and reporting, EPANET simulation integration, linear profiling and network inspection tools!

Natural Gas Networks

ViSit Anywhere provides tool for maintaining the state of your natural gas networks, including static multi-pressure simulations under real operational conditions!

Facilities Management

Géotech has teamed up the Addenda Software to provided a full service system for facilities management. The Adden ViSit module provides all the features you will need to management your building plans!

Choose the Modules that are Best Suited for Your Business

Collaborative Desktop

ViSit Anywhere GT provides robust, collorative CAD-based GIS environments.

Interactive Web Mapping

ViSit Anywhere Maps provides easy GIS data access both inside outside the enterprise.

Enterprise BackEnd Processing

We provide a wide range of services to ensure that your data is accessible to other enterprise apps.

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